James Heeley

James Heeley

James Heeley is one of the leading independent perfumers of his generation. He learnt the traditional art of perfumery as an autodidact over a period of ten years, working besides trained noses in laboratories around Grasse in the South of France. James Heeley is counted amongst a rare breed of independent perfumers in the highly competitive, commercial world of international perfume. However, he is not only a perfumer. His work as a designer ranges from product design, packaging, graphic design, and contemporary art. It is his obsession with detail and an understanding of contemporary elegance expressed with ease and intelligence that underlies the variety of his work.

The Piece

James Heeley presents ʻAgarwoudʼ in a limited edition packaging for the Cabinet de Curiosités de Thomas Erber at Browns. Agarwoud is a deep, mysical, clean, woody unisex ʻExtrait de Parfumʼ taken from James Heeleyʼs new collection of ʻExtrait de Parfumʼ. Extracted from the Agarwood tree, Oud is one of the rarest ingredients in perfumery. Its extraordinary scent has been used for meditation and devotion in Buddhist temples for many centuries, and evokes mysticism, silent power, and elegance. This intensely animalistic version of Agarwood (Vietnam) is combined with notes of rose and amber whilst maintaining the true character of oud to create a unique, elegant balance.

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