Maison Bonnet

Maison Bonnet

ʻReady-madeʼ does not exist in the rarefied universe of Maison Bonnet. Each pair of glasses is designed and developed to the most minutely perfect standards. Maison Bonnet glasses exude couture and excellence, and their wearers include the worldʼs most historically illustrious figures. Yves St Laurent, Jackie and Aristotle Onassis, Le Corbusier and Karl Lagerfeld are a handful of the influential names who have chosen bespoke Maison Bonnet glasses. Renowned for its exquisite use of turtle shell, coral and horn, under the lead of CEO Franck Bonnet, Maison Bonnet have also embraced cutting-edge technology.

The Piece

Inspired by Thomas Erberʼs exceptional understanding of creative expression and quality, Maison Bonnet have created ʻRadianʼ. Understated and sophisticated in shape, each angle is minutely calibrated to give its wearer a supremely refined appearance. Only three versions of this model will ever exist, and each is handcrafted in a different precious material: translucent acetate, slate grey buffalo horn, and cherry red turtle shell.

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“Remember when
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Leonard Cohen

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C.D.C II at Browns in London.

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Anna Calvi at the C.D.C Colette opening.