Whilst staying close to their roots in Pasadena, California, Kate and Laura Mulleavyʼs bewitchingly beautiful creations for Rodarte are adored by followers of fashion across the world. Since their first collection was taken to New York in Spring 2005, a host of accolades, exhibitions and international attention have ensued, as the sisters continue to stun with their darkly glamorous designs. Favoured by leading women on the red carpet, Rodarte also produced the costumes for the 2011 Academy Award winning film Black Swan. The Mulleavy sistersʼ ability to combine their supernatural imaginations with feminine elegance and intricate detailing has placed them at the forefront of the international fashion scene.

The Piece

In 2011, Kate and Laura Mulleavy joined with two of the world's most highly acclaimed photographers, Catherine Opie and Alec Soth, to create the first publication to explore and examine the world of Rodarte.
For Thomas Erberʼs Cabinet de Curiosités at Browns, Rodarte have collaborated with artist Rebekah Miles on a one of a kind book cover, hand painted with an image from the book. The result is an even more singular and special exploration of Rodarteʼs inspiringly unique vision.

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Scent by Byredo

“Remember when
we were almost young”

Leonard Cohen

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C.D.C II at Browns in London.

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Anna Calvi at the C.D.C Colette opening.